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The Master Genealogist V9 Key Serial 14 [WORK]

If you obtained a copy of TMG on a CD, it is most likely useless. Unless you verify that it is the lasted edition (or if it has the serial number written on it, which you do need) you may as well throw it away. The reason is that the free updates which you should have installed if you originally had an early edition included changes in the data file formats, so your Project files will not open if you install an earlier version with the CD. You do not need to install an early version and run updates. The current installers will install a full fresh version.

The Master Genealogist V9 Key Serial 14


The installation file should be kept in a location on your computer where it will be part of your backup routine (see my article on Protecting your Data) or at least copied to external media stored in a safe place. Place a copy of your serial number, and if there is any question the associated email address, in a text file and put that in the same place. I think saving these two files in a safe place is important. If you are not comfortable doing so I recommend enlisting your favorite technical support person (grandchild?) to assist.

If you do not have a copy of the email from Wholly Genes with your serial number you can obtain a copy which you can cut and paste into the text file by using the Help > Technical Support command, and on the screen that appears, clicking the "Trouble report" button. Choose the option to open the report in your word processor, and your serial number and the associated email address appear a few lines from the top.

Following this hypothesis, this article will present the results of the study of the RAVF remains, developed as part of the first author's master's thesis (Lopes, 2013) and of the project titled "Arqueologia Marítima da Ria de Aveiro" ("Maritime Archaeology of the Aveiro Lagoon", headed by CHAM - Faculdade de Ciências Sociais e Humanas / Universidade Nova de Lisboa e Universidade dos Açores. This study is based on the systematization of the field documentation and on the exhaustive study of the archaeological materials.

3Manuel Fernandez is the name that appears as the author of the "Livro de Traças de Carpintaria", but we only know a few informations about him, for instance in the beginning of the book he presents himself as a carpenter master and after that the historical available documentation confirms the existence of a person with that name in that window time (Martins, 2001, pp. 90-91).

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