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Gmail Hacker Pro Product Key |TOP|

ESG PC security researchers warn against Gmail Hacker Pro, a fake hacking tool that, as of October of 2011, is being promoted on the Internet as an easy way for anyone to hack an email account on Gmail. People with basic PC security knowledge will realize the implausibility of a free, publicly-available application being able to defeat the security of one of the giants in the software industry. ESG security researchers posit that if such a tool were to exist, there would be no need for phishing scams or social engineering Trojans. Hackers could simply download this amazing tool and gain access to their victims' email accounts easily. However, it is important to remember that when something seems too good to be true, it probably is. The fake hacker tool Gmail Hacker Pro is nothing more than a vehicle for the GmailHackerPro.pj!.1a Trojan. As part of its installation, GmailHackerPro.pj!.1a will claim that GmailHackerPro.pj!.1a is downloading and installing a necessary toolbar. Rather than doing this, the Gmail Hacker Pro installer installs the GmailHackerPro.pj!.1a Trojan in the background.

Gmail Hacker Pro Product Key |TOP|

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Basically, criminals follow an age-old rule of conning a target: 'Take advantage of your victim's greed'. By using their victim's worst impulses, hackers can tempt users into downloading the GmailHackerPro.pj!.1a Trojan through the Gmail Hacker Pro fake hacking tool. This program is designed to ask the user for the Gmail account to be hacked. Once this is entered, the Gmail Hacker Pro fake hacking tool will make a big show of coming up with the account's password. Once it does, GmailHackerPro.pj!.1a will claim that, unless the user pays thirty dollars for a product key, GmailHackerPro.pj!.1a cannot release that account's password. The GmailHackerPro.pj!.1a Trojan will then direct the victim to a website where he will be able to purchase this fake hacking tool via credit or debit card. Although the program will then release a product key, this is completely useless and has no effect on the GmailHackerPro.pj!.1a Trojan or on Gmail Hacker Pro.

While many PC security researchers consider that a thirty dollar fine is a well deserved punishment for actively seeking how to hack someone's email account, it is necessary to remove the GmailHackerPro.pj!.1a Trojan from your computer system. To do so, simply use a fully-updated anti-malware tool. If you have given your credit card information to the hackers behind the GmailHackerPro.pj!.1a Trojan, you may still be able to block the charges. If you tried to use this fake hacking tool because you forgot your password, remember that Gmail allows you to reset your password by following some simple instructions. 350c69d7ab

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