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Tips and Tricks for Using WinPCSign Pro 2014 with a Serial Key

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winpcsign pro 2014 serial key

I install the software and hardware key, got hardware to work after updating drivers. But the problem is the blasted 'cannot open port' error which means software is as good as useless.I have a 3ghz intel pc with windows XP home edition SP2. I am using a usb cable to connect the ct1200 cutter with FIDI USB Serial Converter drivers, my settings are for com 3, 9600 baud, 8 bit, no parity, stop bits 1 and flow control none. I am driven round the bend with this problem as anything on the net is for serial ports and not USB.Sorry for the long rambling post just trying to explain my problem. Can anyone help me?. Im not sure i have the right machine here mate.i am guessing, but is this one of the cutters/machine grafityp offer?if so, you may want to speak to nigel pugh of grafityp as he is one of the sites official tech supports on this type of machine.only other cutters i think i maybe getting mixed up with is some sold on ebay. If this is the case.

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