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Duette Contact Lenses Buy Online [Extra Quality]

Having worn gas permeable contacts for over 30 years, I can honestly say that Duette is the most comfortable lens I have ever worn! My vision is as precise as wearing RGP lenses, but it almost feels like I have no lenses in at all. I recently spent a day at the beach where it was windy. with my old lenses, I would have been very uncomfortable. The Duette lenses were comfortable all day!

duette contact lenses buy online

The design of the new FDA-approved hybrid lenses eliminates common problems associated with soft toric contact lenses for astigmatism correction, such as less-than-optimal vision, night vision problems and instability on the eye, according to the company.

Duette is a hybrid contact lens that delivers high-performance vision for your patients and exclusive benefits for your practice. The unique advanced-technology Duette hybrid contact lenses are ideal for patients with corneal astigmatism.

Differentiate your practice by giving your patients Duette, a premium contact lens option that delivers great vision, even for those with astigmatism. It is exclusively available from independent eye care professionals and is not sold online, or through mass merchandisers.

SynergEyes hybrid lenses are available exclusively through Independent ECPs (not online or through mass merchandisers), providing an opportunity for practice differentiation and recaptured revenue. Practitioners retain 100% of their revenue and profitability from their hybrid patient care.

I have had some interest in my experiences with the Synergeyes Duette lenses, so now that I have had more patients wearing the lenses and returning for follow-up I thought it was a good time to share. If you are interested in my original post, please click here.For those who may not recall from my previous post, Synergeyes Duette is the hybrid lens that combines a rigid gas permeable (or hard lens) center with a soft contact lens skirt that surrounds the lens. The soft lens skirt provides added comfort and also helps deliver oxygen to the eye via the new silicone hydrogel material (in comparison to the original Synergeyes lens that had poorer oxygen transfer). It is a great choice for patients experiencing poor quality vision through soft contact lenses, especially in patients with astigmatism or those needing multifocal correction.Synergeyes contact lens: notice the darker colored hard lens (RGP) in the center to provide sharp, clear opticsIf you are a patient interested in trying the Synergeyes lenses, here are some things to know:1) The lenses are quite large and can be hard to get used to at first. A lot of my patients request to try them, but when they see the size difference compared to their soft lenses they aren't as keen. For best comfort you will fill the contact lens bowl up with solution before inserting it, to provide added moisturization. To insert the lens patients often need to lean forward over a mirror placed flat on a table, and then insert the lens straight up towards the center of the eye. Due to this insertion method, it is not a great lens choice for a first time wearer due to the learning curve involved with inserting a lens of this size. Most patients have no trouble after a short course of practice.2) There may be some dryness and lid awareness, especially early on in the fitting experience. Lid awareness should resolve with proper fit and adaptation time, but I have had patients with dry eye complaints prior to trying this lens notice their dryness seems worse. This dryness issue is not affecting all of my patients, but I am still working on how to resolve the complaints. Right now my efforts are centered over adjusting the fit to ensure that adequate tear flow is present under the lens. As far as solutions, I have been told by reps that the Revitalens solution is highly recommended with Synergeyes wear to improve comfort, though many other multi-purpose solutions can be effectively used. Personally I have had great success with Aquify and Clearcare solutions with this lens. Of course, I just love Clearcare in general, but that is another post, hah.UPDATE: The above information is now very outdated, and I recommend seeing this post for better information. Suffice it to say that Revitalens is NOT what the current data supports even though the initial lens launch recommended this product. BioTrue is the solution of choice for Synergeyes Duette, with regular cleaning with an additional build up remover like MiraFlow.via3) The multifocal lens (Synergeyes Duette Multifocal) isn't going to be perfect. I have patients seeing 20/20 with this lens that aren't happy with the quality of their vision. Some of this is inherent in the lens design and I do try to tell patients exactly what their expectations should be. The design of this lens is called "simultaneous vision," and what that means to the wearer is that you are seeing both distance vision and near vision information "simultaneously." That's a lot for the brain to process. It can take 1-2 weeks of wearing time to know if this lens design will work for you. If you are a doctor fitting this lens, to increase distance vision you need to switch to a larger add zone, or consider going to a steep base curve skirt. To improve near vision, the add zone size needs to be small. 4) There is a major price tag on these lenses. Patients should expect to pay a higher contact lens fitting fee because your fit is going to include several visits to perfect your lens parameters. The lenses themselves are also expensive, typically around $200-$300 for a set of lenses. Keep in mind that each lens will last only 6 months, so you will need 4 lenses in total for a year's supply (that puts these around the $400-$600 range for your year!). This is different from traditional RGP (hard) contact lens wearers that may sometimes be able to use their lenses for 1-2 years. If anyone has stories to share about these lenses, I would love to hear them!

EyeBrid Silicone contact lenses use next generation technolgy that combines both a last generation RGP material and a Silicone hydrogel material. EyeBrid Silicone lenses therefore offer the visual acuity and crisp vision of RGPs thanks to the RGP center of the lens. As well as great comfort and easy fitting thanks to the Silicone hydrogel soft peripheral skirt.

Dr. Alan Schlussel Optometrist in New York City is glad to introduce the Synergeyes line of hybrid contact lenses, including the innovative new Ultra-Health contact lens, to their wide selection of comfortable and convenient contact lens options.

Ultra-Health hybrid contacts offer the kind of unique mix of comfort and unparalleled crystal-clear vision that is only possible with hybrid contact lenses. This is because while the rigid material in the middle offers the same great crystal-clear vision as traditional rigid gas permeable lenses, the soft outer area offers the comfort and convenience usually only found in soft contact lenses. Dr. Schlussel and his associate, Dr. Law, are some of the few optometrists in the New York area who are certified to fit this unique lens design.

Hybrid lens wearers will need proper training with insertion, removal and lens care. This new modality is easy for some and difficult for others. If your patient is unwilling to learn about a new lens modality, a hybrid lens may not be the best option. Hybrid lenses have the possibility of flattening the cornea over time, even if the contact lens fit is perfect in the beginning (see case report).

Case ReportNW, a 25-year-old female, presented for a comprehensive eye exam and contact lens fit. She complained of occasional lens rotation OS, which caused intermittent blurry vision. She was currently wearing standard soft toric contact lenses.

Practice PointersHybrid contact lenses do work well for many patients, but be careful of potential flattening or altering of corneal shape as outlined in this case report. Frequent monitoring of the patient may be necessary to recheck their vision and eye health. In my personal experience, hybrid lenses have been a huge value to my practice; they satisfy many patients when other lens modalities fail. The optics for their multifocals have proven to be great for patients who may have failed in other multifocals. In other cases, patients do not adapt to the comfort or their vision is still not up to their standards.

At East Dallas Family Eye Care in Dallas, Texas, for instance, hybrid contact lenses cost $400 for patients who do not have insurance. The price includes an additional pair of lens for emergency situations. The pair of lenses lasts generally between two and three years.

According to Eye Dolatry, hybrid contact lenses, such as the SynergEyes Duette Multifocal, cost around $200 to $300 a set, and each set will last for about six months. The website also adds that the fitting fee for these lenses is also expensive since several visits are required to obtain the perfect lens parameters.

Hybrid contact lenses have a rigid gas permeable center with a soft periphery. These large in diameter lenses are designed to correct corneal astigmatism by means of the natural tear layer behind the lens, offering the same visual clarity of GP lenses. Hybrid contact lenses are usually prescribed for patients suffering from keratoconus, a progressive eye disease in which the cornea becomes thinner and bulges forward, taking the shape of a cone.

Hybrid contact lenses, such as the ClearKone brand, are designed to vault over the cornea, minimizing the risk of corneal scarring. The vault system comes in several choices and accommodates even the most severe conditions of keratoconus. The doctor chooses a vault that clears the cone so the RGP portion (the hard part) of the lens does not come in contact with the cone surface, essentially eliminating the odds of a scarred cornea. 041b061a72

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