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Victoria 2 Hpm Tags

PDM adds a huge number of new country tags to Victoria 2 (many of them coming from New Nations Mod). Most of these countries are potential revolters that exist only as cores on the map at game-start, but a number of new countries have been added to the starting 1836 setup.

Victoria 2 Hpm Tags

Q: Vic2 is crashing at Initializing Maplogic. What do I do?A: Clear your map cache by deleting the cache folder inside ".../victoria 2/map/" in both My Documents and the Victoria 2 install location.

Turn it into proper colonizable real estate? Options are:1 - Time for a safari! - Wipe the primitives - this clears up most of the native tags from subsaharan Africa, while leaving existing colonies of all European and Asian (and New World nations).2 - Leave africans in peace... - Don't alter EU4 endgame.

For reasons that have been discussed in boring detail on the development thread, we can't use flags from Vic2 itself. From what I understand, the converter can use PDM's flags as long as we put a note in the readme file. But I'm worried there might be cases where the PDM tags don't match the Vic2 tags and the flags would be wrong. If someone could check to make sure that's not true (or document the cases where it is), I can add those flags and make lots of errors go away. 350c69d7ab

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