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Teen Fancy Dress Sluts

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No need to visit the Antartic for that authentic blue look, especially when you can go for the Papa Smurf look, though make sure you don't sit down at the fancy dress party, the paint does tend to get everywhere, and we all love blue fancy dress.

Bad suits are always good, when they're meant to be bad, they might not quite be Zoot Suits, but they can still be pretty bad, anyway, these mixed with fancy dress shoes mens and you'll look...well, you'll have a look, that's all that matters.

Neon never goes out fashion and it's always a bright idea (pun somewhat intended) and it's perfect for fancy dress, it's less plain than a fancy black dress and it fits squarely int he category of easy costume ideas.

So it's maybe not as dirty as the job in the 1800s was famed for, but this is a great fancy dress idea for a fancy dress party, just don't try and affect the Dick Van Dyke accent everyone tries when they have it on.

Small, different shades of colour and kind of annoying? Nope, not a miniature Donald Trump, it's a despicable Despicable Me minion. Probably best for toddler's fancy dress costume idea than for grown adults, but hey, it's your party.

The King of Pop may have a mixed reaction right now, but the Thriller costume is as iconic as any of his tracks, it's a slightly more expensive fancy dress idea, but it's a great student costume all the same. 041b061a72

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