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Grimes Visions Blogspot Zip ~REPACK~

In the 2010s, as playlists swelled with unrelated tracks and algorithms shot listeners off in all directions, the full-length release started to feel on the verge of becoming an antique. But great artists will always want to create works that expand their visions, and this decade, they found new ways to push the LP forward. They pioneered the visual album, perfected the surprise drop, and stretched running times as long as they pleased, no longer beholden to physical media. So the form endures, and at the end of a turbulent decade, it is thriving. Here are our top 200 albums of the decade.

Grimes Visions Blogspot Zip


I haven't heard the linked Lindsey Buckingham song in years...and I mean YEARS. Wow...a strong 80s breeze just wafted through my living room carrying with it visions of mullets, teal and aqua, parachute pants, and my college days working in the cafeteria listening to that song on the radio.The NYT has this new applet on the website that I kinda like better than .puz, but it automatically keeps track of your average and how you did relative to your average. I think I don't like that part. I'm almost always below my average (is that even possible?) but what ruins the whole thing is that I can't seem to beat my best scores. Now I find when I'm doing the puzzle, beating the best score is in the back of my head and it freezes me up, whereas before I didn't care and could go faster. Not that it used to matter, but now that I continually see how I'm doing relative to what I've done, I get all competitive with my former self. Today might have gone faster had I just ignored my previous Friday scores. But I got hung up on 42A Come together. I wanted wEd. That's all I could think of. I couldn't unthink it. I figured OSOLEMIO was right. It didn't help that towENDS seemed to work too. So I froze, just sat there feeling by Best Time slip away from me. I finally decided to scrap the wEd thing altogether, and as often happens, the actual answer emerges. But damn that Best Time.I liked the puzzle aside from the fact that I managed to do just better than average on it. ::frownieface::

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