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YouTube Partners рџ BETTER

By combining inventory from YouTube, Google video partners, and more, YouTube video action campaigns can help you drive improved performance for your campaigns by reaching new customers. The video that you include in the campaign should be at least 10 seconds in length.

YouTube Partners рџ”°


According to a page on the Microsoft Partner Program website, Microsoft is planning to give its partners the Windows 7 Release Candidate via both TechNet and MSDN. The page says the build is available "now," though as of publishing time, a quick check on TechNet and MSDN shows that it's not yet available there (only the beta is), nor is it available on Microsoft Connect. Most likely this is just another slip up, like last month when it was revealed that Microsoft plans to give out the RC in May, so MSDN and TechNet subscribers will not be getting the RC anytime soon. However, today's information is more specific than the previous leak: May 5 looks like the date for the public release of Windows 7 RC.

It looks like my original guess was correct: MSDN and TechNet subscribers will not be getting access soon. A few faithful readers got this quote from the Microsoft Online Concierge Chat: "Currently the Windows 7 RC has not been avaiable through the TechNet subscription yet, only the Microsoft OEM partners such as Dell, Siemens are taking part in the RC's this period of test." This matches what I've heard from other sources (also why I originally put a question mark in the title), so despite the grammar mistake, I believe this information is correct.

Tranquility Home at Weber Human Services is a program that works in partnership with DCFS and the Courts to provide treatment for mothers who are battling Substance Addiction. These mothers, who would normally lose custody of their children, are worked with to maintain custody while they go through treatment. It is a live-in residential program and the children continue to live with their mothers while they work their treatment program.

Longhorn Network (LHN) is a partnership between ESPN and The University of Texas to serve Longhorn fans with Texas Sports coverage. LHN airs 175 exclusive events a year from all 20 UT sports, hundreds of hours of original studio content, weekly coaches' shows, live press conferences, pre and postgame analysis with Texas GameDay, All Access behind the scenes, and coverage of Lifetime Longhorns. Plus, LHN also covers UT campus academic events and happenings.

The Developmental Disabilities Administration - DDA administers PASRR, a federally mandated program, for individuals with intellectual disabilities or related conditions (ID/RC) who have been referred for nursing facility (NF) care. The Behavioral Health Administration - BHA) administers PASRR for people with serious mental illness (SMI). The BHA PASRR website can be found at -providers-partners/program-information-providers/preadmission-screening-and-resident-review-pasrr

NIB has qualified as one of the first implementing partners to the InvestEU, a EUR 26.2 billion European Union guarantee aimed at mobilising over EUR 372 billion in additional investments to support sustainable investment, innovation, and job creation in Europe during 2021-2027.

The national strategy requires local authorities across the UK to formalise partnerships with bus operators in the form of an Enhanced Partnership (EP) by April 2022, unless they have already started a statutory process to develop a franchising arrangement.

An EP is where local transport authorities and bus operators agree a detailed partnership plan (a Bus Service Improvement Plan) that is refined through consultation. A series of partnership schemes are built into the final agreed EP plan.

Geumhyung Jeong creates choreographic assemblages with selfmade robotic sculp tures. In a series of intimate encounters and sensual interaction with her homemade partners, she uses her body to communicate with them. Moving between moments of connection and disconnection, she generates the question, who is driving the action? The human or the machine? At the dawn of a technologically endorsed future, Homemade RC Toy is both a curious, mechanical ballet and an invigorating sexual fantasy that explores the evershifting boundaries of the animate and inanimate in the age of the cyborg.In cooperation with the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna

The UN Resident Coordinator Office (RCO) is responsible for coordinating UN engagements with counterparts in the UAE, working closely with a wide spectrum of partners, such as government partners, private sector entities, and academia. The Resident Coordinator (RC) system aims to bring together the different UN agencies to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of operational activities at the country level. 041b061a72

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