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Diamond Pattern Knit Vest Shirt 2 At RIMINGs

As part of the Solstice Collection, the 'Farmleigh' Diamond Vest is a contemporary piece inspired by the clothing of historical Irish women. Made from a luxurious blend of 95% wool and 5% cashmere, this V-neck vest features wide dropped shoulders and a deep ribbed waistband for a flattering, effortless silhouette and combines a mix of traditional chunky diamond, honeycomb and cable patterns in a contemporary way. A bright purple with flecks of rich aubergine, magenta and lilac. Designed to be worn alone or layered over a shirt. We recommend taking your regular size.

Diamond Pattern Knit Vest Shirt 2 at RIMINGs

Beyond avoiding sharp contrast, try adding complexity and interest to your blue and gray combinations by introducing textures and patterns. Sure, you can start simply with a white shirt, solid tie, and a plain worsted wool suit, but this gets boring fast. An easy way to add a pattern while remaining classic is to use a gray glen check tie in silk (or wool for winter) with a navy suit. For a gray suit, get a navy grenadine tie in either a large or fine weave (garza grossa or garza fina) to inject texture. In the reverse scenario, pick up a silver grenadine for a blue suit.

Printed silk ties with blue and gray geometric patterns or knit ties with both colors in them are likewise excellent options. I especially like the versatility of striped ties with either a repp pattern or large block stripes for this purpose. If you get a tie with stripes of both colors you can wear them easily with either gray or blue suits.

A long-sleeved oversized t-shirt is perfect to team with skinny jeans or leggings and for layering over a vest top. A polyester hip-length oversized t-shirt is available in sizes up to 24 in green, grey and beige. Or choose an attractive hip-length oversized blouse in a large star print in black, wine, grey, light blue or army green, which is made in sizes up to 24.

I/O Port's own design Window Nets come with integral mounting straps to mount the net to the door bar. The net offers the greater visibility of mesh nets and the strength of ribbon nets combined into one! They are made from a knitted mesh with a 5/16-inch diamond pattern combined with 1-inch nylon webbing. 041b061a72

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