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Subtitle The St. Valentine's Day Massacre

The first six In Your House events were not promoted with subtitles, which were retroactively added (shown below in the table in small print), sometimes making use of a tagline. The first event to officially use a subtitle was the seventh event, In Your House 7: Good Friends, Better Enemies. From September 1997 onwards, the subtitles replaced the In Your House label as the main titles (e.g., the PPV was not named "In Your House: Ground Zero", but instead, "Ground Zero: In Your House"), until regular named shows such as Backlash took over in 1999. The In Your House branding was retired following February 1999's St. Valentine's Day Massacre: In Your House event, as the company moved to install permanent names for each of its monthly events, which began with Backlash. Early advertising for that year's Backlash featured the "In Your House" branding until it was quietly dropped in the weeks leading to the pay-per-view. Following this, several of the In Your House shows were rebranded as their own PPV chronologies, including Over the Edge, Fully Loaded, Unforgiven, No Way Out, Judgment Day, and Bad Blood.[3]

subtitle The St. Valentine's Day Massacre

The first 16 events had In Your House as the show's title with a subtitle that described at least one of the matches on the show (the first six had the subtitles added retroactively). In Your House 7: Good Friends, Better Enemies featured Shawn Michaels defending his WWE Championship against his former friend Diesel in a No Holds Barred Match. In Your House 11: Buried Alive saw Undertaker and Mankind battle in a Buried Alive match.

In 1997, WWE chose to make In Your House the subtitle and created main titles unique for each event. The first was Ground Zero, followed by Badd Blood, No Way Out of Texas, Unforgiven, Fully Loaded, and Judgment Day. Of course, all those became annual PPV events following the end of the In Your House series. The final In Your House branded PPV arrived on February 14, 1999, with St. Valentine's Day Massacre. There were 27 total In Your House events.

The In Your House branding is similar to how NXT started its special events. Just like In Your House was the first of its kind, the first major NXT event was just called NXT: TakeOver. After that, TakeOver became the main title with a subtitle based on a specific match on the card. Examples included NXT TakeOver: Rival, which saw Sami Zayn battle Kevin Owens, and NXT TakeOver: Respect, which saw Bayley and Sasha Banks battle in an Iron Man match.

Since the seventh event, the NXT TakOver shows have almost always had the city name as the subtitle, with a few exceptions, primarily The End, the WarGames series, and NXT Takeover: XXV. Now, WWE can add NXT Takeover: In Your House to that list. It is almost ironic that the original PPV brand is now the subtitle for the next NXT PPV event since TakeOver owes the idea of brand recognition to In Your House.

After being greeted with initial handwringing over its supposed glorification of crime and violence, producer Howard Hughes caved to demands from the Motion Pictures Producers and Distributors of America to add a declamatory prologue calling on the federal government to deal with organized grime, reshoot a different ending that was more harshly judgmental of its protagonist, and tack on an unnecessary subtitle, The Shame of a Nation, to the title card in certain markets. This knee-jerk reaction from censors to Scarface is a testament to the raw, visceral power of its images, which, more often than not, suggest violence rather than directly depict it, even in the uncensored version, which thankfully remains intact.

Corman rushes the finish, a quick wrap-up of the fates of the participants in the massacre. Several thugs just turn up dead, without a clear explanation. Years later in Goodfellas, Martin Scorsese would illustrate how natural it is for a gang to wipe out its own just for insurance, to eliminate potential witnesses.

Completed before Hollywood's conservative Production Code became more rigidly enforced in 1934, ex-journalist Ben Hecht's screenplay uses the Al Capone legend as source material staging recreations of the St. Valentine's Day Massacre and the murder of Big Jim Colosimo - to show Prohibition era Chicago as a modern-day Sodom and Gomorrah. Because of the Production Code the movie opens with an indictment of gang rule and a call to action to the individual to do something about it. For the same reason the film was given its subtitle 'The Shame of a Nation', to make it more acceptable and less of a glorification of gangsterism.

Sterritt **** A fussy old schoolteacher named Professor Unrath falls in love with a slinky nightclub singer named Lola Lola, whereupon his life falls apart in ways that are poignant as they are predictable. First released in 1930, this great masterpiece of German film is evocative and inventive from its first shot to its last, with brilliant use of sound and astonishing performances from two of Europe's most gifted stars. Dietrich's acting here is what made her a motion-picture legend. In German with English subtitles

Sterritt **** A wealthy businessman, a beautiful maid who stays just outside his reach, and a background of revolutionary rumblings are among the ingredients of this 1977 masterpiece. Cinema's greatest surrealist is at the peak of his powers in the last movie of his unparalleled career, telling a deliciously dreamlike tale with the ease and wit of a master stylist who knows how to entertain us, unsettle us, and astonish us at the same time. His most celebrated gambit here is having the servant Conchita played by two different actresses, not to reveal different sides of her personality, but to discombobulate the notion that personalities can be comprehended in the first place. This is a classic in the fullest sense. In French with English subtitles

Oh yes! The subtitle of Cybernetic Brain is Sketches of Another Future. As I just said, the rational and logical brain is central to neoliberalism and the government of modernity, while the performative brain of cybernetics hangs together with all sorts of weird and wonderful nonmodern projects, as discussed in the book. 041b061a72

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