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Where Can I Buy Armani Foundation

I have been wearing and testing the Giorgio Armani Luminous silk in different situations. I have work this foundation in hot weather, cold weather and anything in between. I have work hard as well as relaxed wearing the Luminous silk. The Armani foundation hasn't oxidized in any of these situations.

where can i buy armani foundation

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I have been using this foundation for over a year as a constant foundation rotation. This foundation lasts all day for me. As previously stated, I have extensively tested this foundation in many environments to test out different benefits of the foundation. This foundation as even tested through a hard workout. It didn't streak or fade on my skin. It has great lasting power.

We're honoured that the iconic Luminous Silk foundation has been awarded a 5-star rating by BEAUTYcrew's Review Crew! It's also been named an award-winner for "Best Liquid Foundation" and "Perfect Match, #1 Makeup Artist's Choice" for the 10th year in a row.

Giorgio Armani's Luminous Silk foundation provides a flawless glow and natural finish in any light. Easy to apply, it evens out and enhances your complexion for a flawless, professional result.A multi-award winning foundation, Luminous Silk is a makeup artist's best kept secret. An iconic product in the Armani makeup line, it has been revolutionizing the world of makeup for over 20 years. The silk-like, ultra-light and luminous texture of this foundation lets your skin breathe and offers unparalleled comfort and softness. Its coverage can be adjusted from light to medium. You will be amazed by its second skin aspect. It is not noticeable and yet, you will see the difference: the brightness of your complexion will be revealed. You'll get a fresh, even complexion in a single step. Giorgo Armani's Luminous Silk foundation uses micro-filament technology, which ensures an even application of the product thanks to the combination of micro-waxes. This unique technology sculpts the face and captures light.Ideal for normal skin, this foundation is also suitable for oily skin to which it brings a matte and velvety finish. Its fluid texture makes it easy to apply and its pump bottle allows you to precisely dose the right amount.Giorgo Armani's Luminous Silk foundation belongs to the legendary "Armani Glow" line that was created by the brand to make professional-level makeup accessible to all women. It is available in several shades so that every woman can find the perfect shade to match her skin tone. It naturally reveals the radiance and light of your face.

Natural foundation alternatives have shattered my assumptions. I previously assumed that I had to lower my standards by switching to a natural foundation. These foundations match my skin tone, wear beautifully, and have visibly improved the look of my skin.

So, besides having foundations for aging skin, Giorgio Armani has different kinds of coverage like medium to full coverage, full coverage foundation, or light coverage foundation that is buildable (like LSF). They even have a foundation that has a matte finish.

What I love about the Luminous Silk is that some days you can reapply another layer for heavier coverage to cover dark spots. However, if you are looking for a foundation that is firming, you can try the Designer Lift, smoothing and firming.

Suggested Usage:For an allover glow: -Mix with Luminous Silk or your favorite Armani foundation and apply all over the face using the Armani Blender Brush. -When mixing with foundation, use the brush to apply to face and smudge with fingers for a more natural finish. As a highlighter: -Using the Armani Blender Brush, apply Fluid Sheer on the nose bridge, on the tops of cheeks, under the eyebrow arch, and on the chin. As a blush or bronzer: -Apply a drop of fluid sheer to the tops of cheeks with the Armani Blender Brush for a healthy, natural glow. 041b061a72

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