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Domino 39;s Fareye App Download ##HOT##

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domino 39;s fareye app download

I Rahul Anand, working in IBM (Manyata Tech Park), want to share a pleasant incident which happened with me today(17-10-2012) at dominos pizza (Manyata Tech Park). My order No. was 227, Bill Amount 584, and I ordered for the Veg ExtraVaganza with Cheese Burst and the Garlic Bread.The Pizza was Awesome in Taste, Toppings was also very Good and was complete cheesy.I really want to thank the Manager & Staffs of the Dominos (Manyata Tech Park, Bangalore) for Serving the Best Pizza to me and for maintaining the dignity of the Dominos.

Today i placed the order in dominos college rod outlet i given recived order in 10 min only on table and pizzas are very hot i regularly order in college rod outlet. I am very very happy, dominos is great service provide with me.

I have visiting dominos outlet once in week. I m went to dominos for one parcel on evening time. I m shock to see that one rat is roaming in counter and customer where they sit and eat there pizza and food. I m relly afried such a good brand of food in pizza but didnt talk care of cleaness. Please look in this matter. The place is Surat gujarat and dominos outlet is at bhatter area. An this area is very pose area. Many good and high profile are residing this place. Please look in this matter of cleaness and do the area nite and clean.

I had placed an order with Dominos Trivandrum,Sasthamangalam. The order was placed on 15th of september 2012. It has been 20days i have been following up with them through mails and calls such horrible support. They have not refunded the money nor an apology. The order was never delivered till date. No reply for my mails these days what i have been sending to dominospizzaindia [at] gmail [dot] com. I dont know is there is any other mail id where i can send to escalate the issue to some one senior.

i went to the dominos near forum mall bngalore.......i got n hve gone through a very nice service by dominos staff especialy by DEEPAK.....nic work n hving great commitment regrding the customers and their work. Mr. Deepak done a very nice job.

In my honest opinion do not order from dominosDO NOT ORDER FROM DOMINOSAfter 45 minutes I came to kno my order was never registered in d system ...dis is my second regret of ordering from dominoes ....the service has gone to dogs

We planned for pizza tonight.So we ordered it from dominos online. We ordered veggie pizza,double cheese pizza,stuffed garlic bread,farmhouse pizza and sprite. when the order finally came and waited for bill payment , we eagerly paid it and opened pizza boxes.We were shocked to notice the poor quality.Veggie had no vegetables, farmhouse had nothing but burnt onions and tomatoes ,double cheese had burnt cheese which were difficult to chew ,stuffed had nothing in it(not even cheese). We had no choice but to eat them.

Dominos is making fool of us. The order was delivered in 1 hr 15 min. On repeated inquiry, the manager was not in a position to trace the order and said they did not have any system to locate the delivey boy. There is no link/menu on the official website where a customer can lodge his complaint. Nobody in dominos is accountable. Better not to talk about their 30 min delivery guarantee. The phone number 68886888 does not connect.

today i had a pizza from dominoos Hinzawadi branch that pizza made my day today that was realy fantastic, and i asked who made this, Mr. Kapil said (Mr. Amar and Mr. Chidananda)-----Thanku so much Amar and chidananda u made my day special with sweet memories & specialy Kapil who tolerate our bad behaviour in a very polite way.

The address for delivery was for gurgaon,and the dominos website assigned east patel nagar store for delivery.Now due to the mistake by dominos the order was cancelled by the store as they couldn't deliver in gurgaon and I still haven't received refund from your side,which has blocked my money on my card,which is a real inconvenience for me. I did not get the pizza and still haven't received the refund.Even though i made the payment through card still my order was cancelled by the store.If this issue is not resolved soon. Dominos will lose me as their customer,and it would be a stain on dominos's reputation.thanks

I understand dominos send some promotional offer and coupons to your email id everytime an order is placed. I never bothered to check those but today when i was about to book a ticket on i remebered there were some discount coupons sent by dominos but those coupons were of no use, you know why! because coupons which were sent on August 1 were expired dated 31-Jul-2012. Now I would really like to request not to send the offers at all because i really dont want to be dissappointed by the expired coupons. How can you take the liberty of sending the already expired offers which apparently are of no use of mine!

I like to open dominos pizza brcnah in KHED CITY IN RATNAGIRI DISTIC so i need information regarding amount to spend and the specified .i need dealer ship from dominos pizza if any information so send me on my email (mustafahamdule [at] gmail [dot] com).I hopei can expet the respones from the authority person as soon as possibel my contec no 00918087808964 THANKS

I had been to dominos in mangalore. I placed my order and I had kept my cell on the reception deck. While coming back I forgot to take my cell. I got my pizza and ate it. Later I noticed the cell was not in my pocket. My friend called my phone and it was busy. After sometime I saw all those F***in workers were checking up my inbox and laughing. I was so much irritated by their behavior. Seriously DOMINO'S we can't tolerate this kind of a behavior from your workers.

hi this is to inform u that yesterday on 17/8/2012 i have order a pizza at 10:29pm as per your system time and the person who toke the order as been confirm the order too henceforth after a few minutes i called up again for nutty chocolate cake and again i confirmed the full order.Every time we order we have been informed that there is no time guarantee and we wont get the time guarantee as per your policy the pizza was order in phoenix domino's store and we no the terms and condition our house is only 8mins far from the store and henceforth it was night time so no traffic also was there.i received my pizza on 11.32pm means it was 1hour three min late it was apatite to inquiry for my pizza when i called up for the follow up of my order after half an hour Mr parvez he was talking like a hell that he is doing some kind of favor on me while talking to me when i told him that i want to talk to his manager he hang up the line and disconnected.again after 15mins i called up for the follow up for my order status it was 11.15pm the guys were confused that even they have the order in the store or it is left from the store and the person telling me again again that i wont get the pizza free for your kind information u can check our order status of last six month when we have taken the order free even the order comes late we accept it because it is hot and fresh but yesterday the pizza was cold enough to have like a dinner henceforth for whom we called for the pizza the guest went away as they were getting late i was telling your person find the status of the order again on 11.25pm still he was blank for the order and instead of searching for the order and helping me out from this soup he was saying the same line that i wont be getting the pizza free there is no time guarantee for boss???????? i am not asking for a free pizza boss i am just asking for my order which i gave to u and i was ready to pay for it henceforth the pizza came atlas by 11.32pm after an hour last again the pizza was cold enough and not looking at all fresh i am ready to show u the snaps too i have taken the pizza just to see the condition of the pizza how fresh it was to serve a customer and my order was not in proper condition and one of my order was missing too why u are not giving the time guarantee because of that my order is delayed most of the time. please look into this matter seriously otherwise i will take the action against it for the needful my bill nos is 354 csr who toke the order named Amitcsr who spoked very rudely parvezsdp rupesh who reached latepls do something against it so it should not happen agian.bad experience??????????????

Thanks miss gauri dahisar on 4th august i went 2 dominos with my frnds. I m very much touched with her service minded attitude .it was just because of her i got my order within 20 miss. She really took hard effort to make customer satisfy thanks gauri & thanks dominos

trying to order from domino's pizza lawerence road amritsar, what a joke!!! the staff is untrained don't even have manners to talk to customer ... come on i am going to pay for food not asking for free ??? so i should be treated like a valued customer not like a wanderer looking for free food. not the first time that the staff misbehaved over the phone and i asked to put my call through to the manager they hung up my call. eventually when i got hold of manager he starting defending his staff!! grow up mr. manager and be professional, you are not running a family business out there, for god sake its f**king domino's franchisee ????????????

We have ordered pizza at 8/25/2012 8:14:01 PM and found that it was not delivered even after 1 hour.So pathetic is its service is with dominos. We have been waiting for almost 2 hours now, still no response from their end.We have tried their telephone no's but they don't even bother to pick the calls. I have raise a serious concern again Dominos. We are not sure that it would be even delivered or not? It costs us Rs.653.

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