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Download Phasmophobia PC Game 2020 [VERIFIED]

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Download Phasmophobia PC Game 2020


Phasmophobia is a paranormal horror game developed and published by British indie game studio Kinetic Games. It is based primarily on the popular hobby of ghost hunting. The game became available in early access through Steam for Microsoft Windows with virtual reality support in September 2020. The game received a large influx of popularity the following month due to many well-known Twitch streamers and YouTubers playing it, mainly for the Halloween season.[1] On October 15, 2020, the game was the sixth-most popular game on Twitch.[2] It was the best selling game on Steam globally for several weeks in October to November 2020.[3]

The game's Steam page was launched on March 6, 2020. An announcement trailer was released three months later, announcing additional VR support and a release date for the early access build. On September 18, 2020, the game was released in early access for $14.[9] After the release, the game received two major updates regarding bug fixes in the following week.[10] Dknighter, the founder and sole member of Kinetic Games at the time, stated he hoped to release the full game somewhere in 2021. However, until that happened, he kept the game's price the same. During the course of game development after the early access release, one of the main goals for the updates was to improve the ghosts' AI, making them smarter and less predictable, and consequently harder for players to deal with.[11] Kinetic Games plans to release console versions once the game has more content.

On Twitch, the game grew exponentially and even reached the top 5 most viewed game in mid October, overtaking games such Among Us, Fortnite Battle Royale, FIFA 21, and Genshin Impact.[20][21] According to online player tracker GitHyp, the game hit a peak of over 86,000 active players around October 10.[22][23] The game became a Steam top-seller, and by the end of October 18, 2020, was the best selling game of that week, even beating out Fall Guys and pre-orders for Cyberpunk 2077.[24][25] It was the highest selling game on Steam for three weeks in a row.[26]

Phasmophobia is playable on Mac only through workaround methods such as playing it on Boosteroid or installing Windows on Mac and then downloading the game in the Windows partition. You can also play Phasmophobia on Mac via a Windows 11 virtual machine.

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Of course, the base game can only keep players satisfied for so long. The content of the game might be strong, but it's not exactly populated. As a result, most players decided to download some mods in order to make the game more engaging. Here are some of the best mods that can augment the experience of playing Phasmophobia.

If this game wasn't great enough as is, PC players can enhance their enjoyment even further by downloading a wealth of mods. These can do everything from improving the visuals, to adding hilarious textures that are even more fun to experience with friends. Here are some of the best Phasmophobia mods that players can check out.

In the vanilla game, tarot cards feature fitting and unnerving illustrations. However, players can flip the script and turn these tarot cards into a source of unending hilarity by downloading the Cats Tarot mod. Even if players draw a card that instantly kills them, seeing a funny cat meme moments before their demise will make for one of the most hilarious experiences they've had while playing Phasmophobia.

Voice recognition is one of the critical parts of phasmophobia. A spirit box in the game allows you to communicate with the ghost or provoke it. This spirit box works with your voice, so if there is any error in phasmophobia voice recognition, you will have issues playing the game.

Since its Early Access release on Steam back in 2020, the investigative horror game Phasmophobia has made a huge name for itself in the horror community. Players can venture into haunted locations, meeting with ghosts and gathering evidence of their existence. Thanks to its unique gameplay and innovative spin on classic horror gameplay, the game has garnered its fair share of fans and has become extremely popular among streamers. Even iconic streamers and YouTubers like PewDiePie and Jacksepticeye have played the game on their respective channels, making players laugh and scream with them.

If you are an admirer of psychological games that gives you chills down the spine, then you should play Phasmophobia. This game is a four-player online multiplayer game; your prime aim in the game is to team up against paranormal activity and collect evidence. Kinetic Games has developed and published the game for the Microsoft Windows platform; the game can also be played on VR. Release date of the games is 18 Sep 2020 and since then, gamers have been demanding Phasmophobia Download for free. Our website provides free files of the Phasmophobia game by following simple steps.

Phasmophobia is a thriller game that can be played with online friends or local players. There is a number of equipment provided in the game which can be used to fulfill the prime aim, which is to catch evidence of paranormal activity. This game can be downloaded from our website from our resources safely and easily.

Phasmophobia is a horror video game developed by Kinetic Games. It was released in September 2020 and has quickly become a fan favorite. It puts you in shoes of a ghost hunter, exploring haunted locations and gathering evidence of paranormal activity. You must use a variety of ghost hunting tools to investigate the environment and determine type of ghost you are dealing with. With a variety of missions, modes, difficulty levels, Phasmophobia game offers an immersive and thrilling experience for horror fans.

Gameplay of Phasmophobia PC game is quite engaging and rewarding. Players explore a range of haunted locations and use their equipment to detect and combat the ghosts they encounter. It features a range of puzzles to solve and tasks to complete, such as setting up traps and investigating paranormal activity. Additionally, Phasmophobia download free features a range of weapons and tools which can be used to battle the ghosts, as well as a range of upgrades which can be purchased to enhance player's equipment. 041b061a72

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