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QRIS OVO Merchant: How to Get Free of Charge, Fast Settlement and Special Cooperation with Nobu Bank

OVO is an ewallet in Indonesia. Customers can download the OVO app on their mobile phone, and add their bank account, debit, or credit card to the ewallet. Purchases can be made with any merchant that accepts the OVO payment method.

download qris ovo merchant


OVO is available on nine out of the top 10 e-commerce platforms in Indonesia and is currently used by more than 1.3 million QRIS merchants, a figure that has only grown during the pandemic. OVO is also accepted and available in more than 660 cities and regencies across the country, including cities as remote as Labuan Bajo.

An MSME survey OVO conducted in collaboration with CORE Indonesia, published in 2021, found that 91 percent of MSMEs that signed up with OVO as QRIS merchants gained access to the wider OVO ecosystem, with 70 percent of respondents saying that joining OVO had significantly increased their daily transaction volume by up to 30 percent.

In addition, the OVO for Business program provides reimbursement and payment services for all merchants, from large multinationals to SMEs, to help reduce operational costs while increasing employee productivity.

GoPay merchant account is a basic tool to view and check all your payments within the GoPay payment system. REST API functions allow you to e.g. generate movement statement from GoPay merchant account.

DealPOS is already integrated with Gopay-QRIS payments where you can receive payments from all types of E-Wallet and BCA Mobile with just one QR-Code. If you are interested to integrate your DealPOS account with Gopay-QRIS, you can register a submission for a new merchant (Individual or Company)

If each digital wallet had a different QR code, it would be inconvenient for both merchants and buyers. For information, before QRIS technology was introduced, every digital payment application in Indonesia had its QR code.

QRIS was created with a good purpose, namely to provide easy transactions with digital payment applications. For this reason, QRIS also offers benefits to those who use it, namely merchants and consumers.

This also makes the cashier look neater because there is no need to display many QR codes. Each merchant only needs to install one QR code QRIS.Preventing Counterfeit MoneyThe circulation of counterfeit money is also a frightening specter for traders. Especially for small traders. Why is there so much counterfeit money circulating?

This blog is written in partnership with Xendit, a new Connection partner that merchants on Primer can add in just a click. With Primer, merchants get a complete infrastructure to optimize for payment success and build the smoothest, end-to-end buying experiences for their customers.

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WooCommerce and WordPress enable you to build a fully fledged eCommerce platform. They are hosted and run entirely by merchants in their environment of choice.To enrich the eCommerce experience, Xendit-WooCommerce plugin allows secure online payment on your WooCommerce store. This enables you to accept various payments via Xendit with just a few clicks.

In this saturated market, scale and customer experience are key competitive advantages and differentiators for e-wallet providers. According to a recent study by iPrice and App Annie, GoPay and OVO are the top two e-wallets with the highest number of active monthly users and are the top apps with the most downloads during the Q2 2019-Q2 2020 period. However, in terms of customer reviews on the Google Play, Dana and LinkAja received the highest rating of 4.5 stars.

DOKU is an electronic wallet that comes with link-credit cards feature and electronic money or cash wallet. You can use DOKU to shop online and offline with merchants that have been incorporated in DOKU.

As digital wallet users, customers will be facilitated in making payments at various merchants, which have been registered with QRIS. Users can also make payments with DOKU e-Wallet in the QR code that bears the logo of other payment service providers, such as OVO and Dana.

With the integration of QRIS, Merchants will benefit from the convenience of accepting payment transactions from various digital wallet applications by only using 1 (one) QR Code for all applications. Before QRIS, merchants can only accept payments using QR Codes that have been registered by the Application Provider Company, and payments can only be made by users of the application.

QRIS adalah standardisasi sistem pembayaran menggunakan metode QR Code. Dengan QRIS, pengguna ataupun merchant dapat menyelesaikan transaksi lebih mudah, cepat, dan aman. Kode QR pada QRIS juga bisa diaplikasikan oleh berbagai platform pembayaran, baik dari bank maupun dompet digital seperti OVO.

Bagi konsumen, membayar transaksi menggunakan QRIS sangat praktis. Konsumen cukup memindai QRIS yang disediakan merchant atau menampilkan kode QR di smartphone menggunakan aplikasi mobile banking atau dompet digital seperti OVO. Kemudian, melakukan otentifikasi pembayaran. Voila, transaksi berhasil diselesaikan.

Metode pembayaran tersebut juga memudahkan konsumen dan merchant saat bertransaksi. Merchant cukup mengirimkan gambar QRIS-nya via aplikasi chat, lalu konsumen mengunggah ke OVO dan melakukan otentifikasi pembayaran. Transaksi pun selesai.

Manfaat serupa juga dirasakan oleh merchant, terutama pelaku usaha mikro kecil dan menengah (UMKM). Salah satu manfaat penggunaan QRIS bagi pelaku UMKM adalah transaksi tercatat secara otomatis. Dengan begitu, pelaku UMKM dapat menelusuri dan menganalisis arus keuangan yang masuk lebih mudah.

Dari segi pengajuan, keberadaan QRIS memudahkan pelaku usaha untuk mendapatkan kode QR pembayaran. Pasalnya, pemilik usaha tidak perlu repot untuk mendaftar di sejumlah penyelenggara jasa sistem pembayaran (PJSP). Cukup satu QRIS, merchant bisa menerima pembayaran dari berbagai PJSP.

Pada MPM statis, pelaku usaha cukup menyediakan satu print-out kode QR yang dapat dipindai oleh semua konsumen. Saat konsumen hendak melakukan pembayaran, merchant cukup menginformasikan nominal transaksi dan menunjukkan kode QRIS untuk dipindai oleh konsumen.

Pada MPM dinamis, pihak merchant harus memiliki alat khusus seperti electronic data capture (EDC) atau smartphone. Alat tersebut berfungsi untuk mengeluarkan kode QR yang berbeda untuk setiap konsumen, sesuai dengan nominal transaksinya.

Cara penggunaan metode CPM sebagai berikut. Merchant memasukkan nominal transaksi konsumen. Setelah itu, merchant mempersilakan pengguna menampilkan kode QRIS dari aplikasi dompet digital di layar smartphone miliknya ke perangkat pemindai. Setelah dipindai, merchant menerima notifikasi bahwa transaksi sudah berhasil.

The legal documents required will differ according to the type of legality of your business. For personal merchants, you will be asked to include your national ID, tax identification number (NPWP) and your bank account number. For personal merchants, the ID, NPWP, and Bank Accounts must be under the same name, while for corporate merchants, you will be asked to include a more thorough legality documents.

After a merchant registration form is verified, and the merchant creates a project in production mode, the Duitku team will immediately register the merchant project for the QRIS and E-wallet payment channel.

There are 2 types of OVO payment channel fees based on the types of product that the merchant sells. OVO standard fees will be applied for any tangible/physical product (e.g., clothing, food, furniture, car rental, etc.). Meanwhile, for any intangible/digital product (e.g., online class, voucher, utility bill, phone bill, etc.), OVO (digital) fees will be applied.

To test OVO e-wallet payment in the sandbox mode, you can contact the Duitku team via email [email protected] or via live chat to submit a testing request. Duitku will arrange a testing schedule with the merchant.

There are 2 types of ShopeePay payment channel fees based on the types of product that the merchant sells. ShopeePay standard fees will be applied for any tangible/physical product (e.g., clothing, food, furniture, car rental, etc.). Meanwhile, for any intangible/digital product (e.g., online class, voucher, utility bill, phone bill, etc.), ShopeePay (digital) fees will be applied.

When a bill is made, Duitku will open the ShopeePay customer app to complete the bill. On the payment page, ShopeePay will give the customer a choice if the customer wants to use their Shopee Coin. The money received on the merchant dashboard balance will be the same with the nominal amount of the bill.

As for online QRIS, merchants display a different QRIS for each transaction, which contains transaction nominal information and other payment details. These payment details allow the system to perform automatic checks, so merchants will immediately get the notification after the bill is paid without having to do a manual check.

To test QRIS payments on sandbox mode, you can download and use the following apps to perform payment simulations. If the QRIS payment channel is not yet available in the sandbox payment option, you can email an opening request to [email protected]

Yes, in this case, you can use a fixed virtual account. Fixed virtual accounts can only be used by merchants registered as a company. To use this feature, merchants can directly contact the Duitku team or send an email to [email protected]

Indodana PayLater is a digital credit service that can be used to buy goods or service on credit at various merchants who have collaborated with Indodana. Customers are required to have an account at Indodana to use this payment channel.

The Indodana Paylater payment channel can be opened for individual merchants and corporate merchants. To open this payment channel, you can submit a request to [email protected] The approval process will be processed by Indodana.

For now, Indomaret payment channels can only be opened by merchants with company business legality. Merchants who want to open the Indomaret retail payment channel can send a request to email [email protected] to get an Indomaret MID (Merchant ID). The approval process is entirely done by Indomaret. The merchant application process will take 1-2 months.

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