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Where Can I Buy Sanders Bumpy Cake

I logged onto the Sanders website and sure enough, you can order the cake. They will ship it to you no matter where you live in the country. Wow! They do have a few rules, such as they want you to buy two cakes to make it worth shipping. They offer free shipping when you spend $35, so I decided to shoot for spending that amount to get the shipping free (otherwise shipping was $10).

where can i buy sanders bumpy cake

Download Zip:

"It has this piping, a buttercream piping, and then a fudge ganache put on top, and it was all Fred's idea," Jefferson said. "Customers would come in and say 'I want the cake with the bumps,' so then it became known as the bumpy cake.

With 27 grandchildren, monthly family birthday celebrations leave me rethinking traditional cake and ice cream. I recently had a delicious store purchase of Sanders-style double bumpy topped and cream filled chocolate cupcake. Do you have a recipe for the cream filling and chocolate frosting?

The original Sanders bumpy cake is a chocolate sheet cake with long tube-like "bumps" of cream filling on top of the cake which is then frosted with a chocolate ganache. When the Sanders stores were still in this area my girlfriend and I would treat each other to a piece of that cake on special occasions (or just when we needed a chocolate fix). YUM!!

If food was religion, dessert would be my god. I mean, honestly, nothing's more divine than taking a bite of something homemade with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top (except, maybe, if said ice cream was covered in Goldbrick. Another Michigan dessert secret for another time). So, when I moved to New York and found out that none of my non-Detroit friends knew what bumpy cake was, I knew it was time to remedy that.

I have to give a special shout out to my friend Jessica here. When I think bumpy cake, I think her family. They were completely and utterly committed to Sanders, and for that, I applaud them. Jessica's my own personal time capsule. Her memories of our first grade friendship (don't ask about the time I got sick in Mrs. Traub's class) is astounding, while mine are fuzzy, at best. If there's one thing I remember, though, it's eating bumpy cake at her house. Her mom always had a container lying around, ready to be torn to shreds by a gang of six year olds with forks. 041b061a72

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