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Wiiware Collection Pal

the pc version of wiiware collection pal is not a full game, but it provides the most accurate version of the game, with the original soundtrack and art. this is what the wiiware version should have been, since the nes and game boy versions are rather primitive and lack high-quality music. the pc version is able to fully replicate the nes original, with the original graphics, music and sound effects. this is by far the best way to play the game, since the ds version is actually three games in one. this is the best way to play the game, since the ds version is actually three games in one.

Wiiware collection pal

i was originally concerned that this collection would be a collection of low-quality games that i'd have no interest in playing, but after having played the ds version and the pc version, i can honestly say i've enjoyed them all. i've never had any interest in the nes and game boy versions, and they just felt like they were kids' games. however, the wiiware version is a completely different experience. the ds version is a cute, colorful and simple way to get into the game, but the pc version offers a better overall experience. they're all good, but this one is by far the best.

the graphics are decent (though my review unit is a bit old), but the wacky aesthetic comes from the game's visual puzzles. rather than using sprites or tiles to create environments, the game uses objects placed on screen in a variety of different ways, creating some unusual puzzles. some puzzles are easy to solve, while others are a bit trickier--but all are somewhat satisfying to solve, as a result. unfortunately, the puzzles are poorly explained in the manual, and it's difficult to know exactly how to go about solving them without some trial and error. also, the puzzles in after years are missing the solutions provided in the game boy advance version, so players who have completed the whole game may feel a bit lost when they play it as a wiiware download.

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