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Free Download Caramel Apples !!TOP!!

State and local officials collected records at two of the three retail locations where caramel apples had been purchased. All three retailers sold the same brand of caramel apples (brand A). The product was packaged in a plastic clamshell containing three caramel apples, each on a stick. Caramel apples were seasonal products that were only available for a short period in the fall at two of the retail locations. However, the retail location where the Illinois patient purchased caramel apples had the product in stock at the time of the investigation. Eight packages of caramel apples were collected for testing by the Illinois Department of Public Health, but L. monocytogenes was not detected in any samples. It was not known whether the tested caramel apples were from the same lots as those consumed by the ill persons in this outbreak.

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During an inspection at the caramel apple production facility, FDA reviewed records and practices and collected environmental samples for testing. No significant food safety concerns were observed. None of the environmental swabs yielded L. monocytogenes. Environmental swabs collected at a single whole apple supplier yielded L. monocytogenes, but it was not the outbreak strain. Traceback activities did not implicate a specific lot or supplier of whole apples used in brand A caramel apple production during the period of interest.

Hole punch the top of the tag (or you can use tape), then tie it around a treat in a treat bag of some sort. The tags are designed to be a little bit larger than some of my other thank you gifts, and I did that specifically because I wanted them to work for things like caramel apples!

I thought these would be darling little gifts, so I came up with a free printable gift tag to attach to your candy apples that will turn them into the perfect gift for a friend, neighbor, or teacher. If you want to give them as a gift, just download one of my tags (download below) and tie it on to the stick. They are darling to give as a favor at a party, or as a thank you.

(One batch will make 4 candy apples- 4 apples, 1 bag of caramel bits, and a third of an almond bark brick. I generally triple my batch, so I buy 12 apples, 3 bags of caramel bits, and one brick of almond bark.)

What are you waiting for? Head to the farmers market and load up your cart with fresh fall fruit. These dairy-free, and delicious healthy caramel apples will save you time, stress, and a blood sugar spike.

So I took the traditional Karo Syrup caramel corn recipe. I added some dry apple cider mix and cinnamon to the caramel to give it that nice apple pie flavor. Then, the caramel coats some popcorn along with some dried apples. Once the caramel popcorn cooks and cools, it gets a drizzle of melted white chocolate and a sprinkling of cinnamon sugar! This I took my inspiration from my favorite caramel apple from Rocky Mountain Chocolate Co. for this Caramel Apple Pie Popcorn. It tastes just like the caramel apple treat I love.

Bring the family to Heritage Farm for a fun afternoon of fall activities, including caramel apples, games, crafts, a bounce house and more! For additional information contact The Sea Pines Recreation Department at 843.842.1979.

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