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Hitler The Rise Of Evil Dual Aud

FMS 0094 Film Criticism: Art and Practice (Special Topics,) This class will examine movie reviewing as both a practice and an art, and it will use the form to springboard to a larger engagement with cultural analysis as a whole. What does it mean to think critically about the media and popular culture through which we swim every day? What tools are needed to decode its messages? The course will function partly as a historical survey largely (but not wholly) focusing on American writers such as James Agee, Manny Farber, Andrew Sarris, and Pauline Kael. As we move into the modern day, topics will include the rise of genre-based criticism, the schisms and fragmentation of specialist critics and agendas, and how the form and substance of cultural criticism can change with the container (tweet, blog post, episode recap) in which it appears. A second, parallel track will focus on students learning to write professional film and cultural criticism for themselves. Through weekly screenings of classic films and current theatrical releases, and through regular writing and in-class peer editing of reviews, students will receive a grounding in formulating opinions for public consumption in ways that combine journalistic integrity, contextual knowledge, and an individualistic voice that makes for a "good read."

Hitler The Rise Of Evil Dual Aud

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