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Gacha Nox: A PC Mod that Lets You Customize Your Gacha Characters -

That happened to me when I downloaded WinRAR and tried using it with WinRAR to open the file but it would never open because it said that Adobe had to be updated for some reason. But I downloaded Adobe (the lastest version) but still didn't work.

It does that to me on some mods like Gacha Nox, Gacha club edition and Gacha boba but idk why, it didnt do it for gacha want it didnt even say i need to extract files it was just ready idk why tho -v-

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Gacha Nox you can redownload it and Gacha club edition you can extract it and if that does not work then delete the extracted file and take the one that is not extracted file( since u have deleted the extracted one) now you move the non-extracted one to Windows-SSD and extract it there I hope this works!

I love it, but it wont work for me, it keeps crashing whenever i go to objects. Its so annoying and i just wanted to play the game, but it chrashes. And i have to delete my gacha club to get it. 7.8/10.

Yep, if you download all four of the mods mentioned, the Genshin Impact OST does play in the background. Since Gacha Redux used Edition as the base, and Gacha Star (updated version, before it used Glitch as it's base), Universal, and Lavender used Redux as their base. As it seems like the mod creators don't change the OST to make it less obvious another mod was used as the base, unlike the mod creator of Gacha Boba (which also used Edition as it's base, but the BGM is Lo-Fi).

I got the app to installed on my desktop but whenever I try to download it, it says I don't have the version of Adobe installed so I cant run it without the 1.0 which is what it says it needs installed and I have no way of downloading that.

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great mod! 10/10 keep it p! it feels refreshing to see someone make a mod by themselves instead of just using gacha edition and/or something else as a "base" so thank you, anyways... here's what I made!

PLEASE READ if you cant get this mod and have gacha club try and deleting it and then downloading it but if that dosent work then I sorry Go try a diffrint mod there is a mod i really like called gacha art you guys should try it If u want!

Well do you use 32 bit or 64 bit if you want to know go to gacha club home screen and check after you know which one you use then come back here and click the one your using and if you don't get the the file then go to you setting and click chrome then go to permissions and see if it's blocked the click on the yes thing and go back and download again then enjoy

Ok make sure you have gacha clubs then open the app and don't go to the home screen you'll see something like 64 and 32 and if get any of those come back here and click the you have or if you use and iPhone th3n I'm sorry you can't but if use an Android then click the one your on and be patient then BOOM you have gacha cute

dude do you think that she will just make a new mod and spend hours making a new gacha for us she trying her best to do and idc if it has stolen assets this mod is better than gacha nox but I don't want haters ok

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