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Uc Berkeley Naked Run

A small tradition of Quad Howl continues today: after each Primal Scream, a few Quad residents return to the Quad for a naked lap there. Another related tradition is the Lingere Study Break where undergraduates in Lamont Library strip off their clothes, piece by piece, in front of hundreds of other students studying.[3][4]

uc berkeley naked run

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While the records are not entirely clear, it appears that when Charles Adams, son of John Adams and brother of John Quincy Adams, was a student at Harvard, he and a few friends were disciplined for getting drunk and running naked across the Campus with friends. He was later readmitted.[1][5]

Thursday, December 11, 2014, at 12:00 midnight marked the first time that students ran the naked lap in a clockwise direction. The tradition of the naked lap has been to start outside of Hollis Hall and then take off initially running west around the Old Yard, counterclockwise. However, Black Lives Matter protesters gathered and linked arms just west of Hollis blocking the traditional path. A bit past midnight students decided to break tradition and run the naked lap clockwise in order to avoid the protesters and complete the lap.[citation needed]

Although past naked runs have been used as methods of protest, the semesterly naked runs today are all in good fun, whether it be a way to relieve stress or check off an item off the senior bucket list.

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