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The Vendetta In Blu Full !!EXCLUSIVE!! Movie Download In Italian

Video: Sony presents Resident Evil: Vendetta on UHD in an HEVC / H.265 transfer in 2160p framed at 1.78.1 widescreen. The HDR enabled disc, presented with Dolby Vision (which unfortunately my player doesn't support), looks very good even if there isn't a massive difference here between the 4k UHD disc and the included Blu-ray disc (which uses an AVC encoded 1080p transfer, also framed at 1.78.1). As you'd expect for a completely computer generated feature there's not a trace of damage or dirt to find, the image is spotless. There are no noticeable compression artifacts on the UHD at all and some scenes really exhibit some excellent depth (a shot with some candles on a table looks almost 3-D). Black levels are nice and colors are beautifully reproduced here (as you'd expect, this is the area where the UHD most obviously surpasses the Blu-ray disc), and this is in spite of the fact that large portions of the movie take place inside dreary looking labs and underground bunkers and what not. The only noticeable flaws detected during viewing was some minor banding in a few spots and some minor shimmering , but they key word there is minor. So while this isn't a massive leap forward for UHD over Blu-ray, the 4k transfer does offer some noticeable improvements in the areas you'd expect it to.

The Vendetta In Blu Full Movie Download In Italian


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