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Honeywell Chronotherm Iii Thermostat Replacement

Hi, my I have a Chronotherm III that stopped working and I am looking for a replacement. I have two Trane AC units for the house, and on Trane Heat Pump. The Chronotherm III had only four wires connected R (also jumped to Rc), W, Y, and G. I also have an EIM, so I'm wondering if I need just a basic thermostat or specific thermostat that will work with my heating/cooling system (i.e., to accommodate the heat pump and/or the EIM). I installed a Honeywell RTH7600D but it didn't work (no display or backlight). Any recommendations? Thanks

Honeywell Chronotherm Iii Thermostat Replacement

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What is the correct replacement for the Chronotherm III thermostat? There are a lot of thermostat brands, like Honeywell, that can be used to replace it. How fancy you want the thermostat to be is up to you. 350c69d7ab

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