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Drive the Last High-Floor Buses with OMSI 2 Add-On Citybus O405/O405G

the vehicles are able to negotiate the tightest and most challenging traffic situations. turn your bus around with very little space between the cars, into the curved traffic and back again. (todo) in the austrian bundeshaus the lu200 is forbidden to enter. the uniformed security men wave their arms as usual and prevent you from entering. simply ask the crossing security man to open the access barriers manually and the bus will go through. the omsi vehicles are fully compatible with eurocity and stagev/stage v. they are designed for the austrian omsi liveries. if the vehicles from other series are activated in the eurocity or stagev/stage v game, the vehicles will look very, very out of place, all the more so, if you dont activate the austrian omsi liveries. features: doors with authentic ice accessories can be opened and closed individual lamps for each buslamp and the driver individual wipers for the glass compositions with a tonneau behind the bus custom built interior with seats and steering wheel the high-top bus has a surprisingly spacious interior all doors are openable dual side windows with sunroof doors are unlocked automatically when on the street strong engine sound all-weather tires individual windows for the driver individual rear windows individual wheel disks rear sliding doors and much more!

OMSI 2 - Addon Citybus O405 O405G Game Download

turn off your antivirus and block the games exe in your firewall to prevent the game from trying to go online.. if you install games to your system drive, it may be necessary to run this game with admin privileges instead -need help!! join our server

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