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Aap Ki Khatir Hai Hd 720p

It turns out that Danny had used Kunal to get to Shirani and he believes that they can still be together. Shirani keeps trying to tell Danny that she loves Kunal. Anu reacts with Aman in an unfriendly way but later they form a friendship that in time turns into love. When Anu finds out about Danny's relationship with Shirani, she breaks down knowing that everyone knew (even Aman) but didn't tell her. She tells Aman to go away but Kunal (who thinks of Aman as a friend) convinces him to stay for his sake (Aap ki khatir). The truth is revealed to everyone and then they believe that Anu loves Aman. Anu's parents convince her to go after Aman but she is too late as he has already left. When Shirani tells Kunal about Danny, he is heartbroken and chases Danny away. While chasing Danny, he finds Aman going away and he convinces Aman to ask Anu again for her love. He agrees and makes Kunal realize that he and Shirani are also meant to be together and to marry Shirani. Anu ends up marrying Aman and Kunal accepts Shirani happily after knowing the truth.

Aap Ki Khatir Hai Hd 720p


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